How Much Does A Peacock Cost in 2024? Know Exact Price 

How Much Does A Peacock Cost

You know the Peacock. Do you want to know the peacocks’ exact price? The price depends on the Peacock’s age and type. 

Types of Peacocks 

First, See the kind of peacocks. Then, choose your favourite peacocks. There are three familiar types.

Indian Peafowl is a big bird with colourful feathers. People love to watch it. Green Peafowl and Congo Peafowl are rare.  

Price of a Peacock 

Image by snibl111 from Pixabay

The cost of buying a peacock can vary. Its price depends on type, colour, and age. Here’s a table with different costs.

Type of PeacockAgePrice Range
Indian PeafowlBaby (“Peachick”)$75 – $100
Indian PeafowlAdult$150 – $250
Green PeafowlBaby (“Peachick”)$250 – $400
Green PeafowlAdult$400 – $1,500
Congo PeafowlBaby (“Peachick”)$300 – $600
Congo PeafowlAdult$400 – $700

Peacock Buying process 

There are two ways to buy a Peacock: online or at a Farm. We offer Indian Peafowl. You can buy them from our farm, or if you have the nearest farm, you can take them. There are some places to buy peacocks. 

  • From birds farms
  • Specialize peacocks Farm 
  • Animal rescues that sell birds 

Another cost to keeping Peacock

When you bring a Peacock, you have to take care of it. Some essential things need to be taken care of, for example, food, shelter, species, and doctor visits. 

  • Food: You have to buy food, for example, Vegetables, grains and insects. 
  • Space: Peacocks need a big space room to walk. 
  • Shelter: Safety is the most important thing for a peacock. So, select a safe room for them to sleep in. 
  • Vet: Sometimes need health check-ups. If you see a terrible condition, you need to call the doctor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can buy a peacock. For this reason, you have to consider legality, responsibility, and cost.
The most common peacock is the Indian Peafowl. The Indian Peafowl is known as the blue peacock. They're native to India but can be found around the world!
Owning a peacock can be legal. In some are not legal. Many areas have wildlife regulations and zoning restrictions on exotic pets. So you have to check your area. Here's what you can do to find out: Contact your local fish and wildlife department. Check your city or county zoning code.
Wild Peacocks: In the wild, peacocks typically live for 15 to 20 years. Captive Peacocks: Reaching up to 40 years or even exceptionally, 50 years.